Science and Technology Center «UNITI PARK»

Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Yugra, Surgut, Yugorsky tract, floodplain of the river Ob


Area: 67, 3 hectares
GBA: 592 thousand sq. m.
Project implementation timeline: 2030 year

Unity Park is a project that embodies the idea of an innovative district in Ugra - a unique space for the development of science and research, engineering entrepreneurship, the professional growth of young scientists and the training of specialists in demand.

Clusters of STC "UNITY PARK"
1 horizon (first 3 - 5 years of NTC activity)
  • technologies for improving the efficiency of production in classical fields;
  • technologies of extraction of hard-to-recover reserves (HTR).
2 horizon (first 6 - 10 years of NTC activity)
  • technologies of exploration on the deposit;
  • predictive maintenance of equipment for deposits (including using digital "end-to-end" technologies);
  • modeling of oil production processes using artificial intelligence and machine learning;
  • machine learning, cloud technologies of data processing and storage.
1 horizon (first 3 - 5 years of STC activity)
  • molecular genetic research methods in clinical medicine (perinatal medicine, oncology, cardiology, neuro-degenerative diseases);
  • genetics of socially significant diseases in aborigines and expatriate population of Yugra (atherosclerosis, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, etc.);
  • molecular biological research methods, transfer of new technologies to clinical medicine and practical healthcare;
  • study of the genome of aborigines, the population of the North;
  • medicine "5 P" based on the study of fundamental pathologic processes on cellular models and organs on a chip for the purpose of preclinical detection of diseases.
2 horizon (first 6 - 10 years of NTC activity)
  • robotic medicine (virtual and robotic medicine clinic – simulation and training center);
  • pharmacology (synthesis and encapsulation of substances for the development of drugs in the treatment of socially significant diseases).
1 horizon (first 3 - 5 years of STC activity)
  • geomonitoring (including unmanned aerial vehicles and space technologies), ecology, industrial safety, technologies for preserving the cultural heritage of the small peoples of the North;
  • carbon balance control technologies;
  • new technologies in agriculture and forestry: deepening the processing of wild plants;
  • ground transport equipment for operation in the conditions of the North.
2 horizon (first 6 - 10 years of NTC activity)
  • "green" energy, renewable energy and autonomous energy sources;
  • smart urban technologies: improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings, organizing energy-efficient capital repairs;
  • development of new materials for energy-efficient construction;
  • additive technologies and new materials.
1 horizon (first 3 - 5 years of STC activity)
  • research and development, ensuring the commercialization of the historical and cultural heritage of the North and the Arctic;
  • social and digital technologies that provide broad public access to creative products;
  • a gastronomic industry based on the unique ingredients of the northern territories and the processing of wild plants.
2 horizon (first 6 - 10 years of NTC activity)
  • Digital content production (film, video, audio, animation production, data processing and software development, virtual and augmented reality, computer and video games).
NTC services
  • support of scientific and technological projects for obtaining funding;
  • expertise of scientific, scientific-technical, innovative projects;
  • grant support for research teams and technology teams;
  • organization of corporate accelerators for SME technology projects;
  • patent analytics and patenting;
  • innovative consulting;
  • organization of centers for collective use of scientific (laboratory equipment);
  • organization of scientific and technological events;
  • scouting of scientific and technological projects;
  • organization of training of qualified specialist;
  • recruiting researchers and developers;
  • organization of projects and programs of technological cooperation and engineering;
  • development of a portfolio of research projects.
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Convention and Exhibition Center
The main purpose of the Fund's activities is to promote innovative development, the formation of modern human resources and improve the quality of life in the Autonomous Okrug of Posre
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Dmitry Sychev
The Foundation organizes and conducts competitions of scientific, scientific-technical and innovative projects and provides them with financial support for the development of scientific collectives and technological teams.
Center for High Biomedical Technologies

The first object of the STC is under implementation. The investor-developer is Shvabe-Moscow LLC. The project implementation period is February 2025.